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While known primarily for our ambulances, Braun Industries, Inc. also offers the Patriot model. This versatile apparatus can serve as your ambulance, rescue vehicle, and fire truck – all-in-one! Engineered to respond to more than 95% of emergency calls, the unit will cover EMS-related, light rescue, or light suppression dispatches. As with any emergency vehicle from Braun Industries, it can also be customized to meet additional needs.

Over a year and a half ago, Cindy Morgan, VP of Ambulances Sales for Ten-8 Fire Equipment (the Authorized Braun Dealer for Georgia and Florida), had the pleasure of demoing our Patriot emergency vehicle to Volusia County. While they liked the concept of this unique apparatus, the standard fire suppression unit didn’t fully meet their needs. Determined to design them a custom emergency vehicle that met all of their requirements, Braun Industries teamed up with Waterous – the world’s leading fire pump manufacturer. Together with Ten-8 Fire Equipment, the committee at Volusia County, and Spartan Chassis, we were able to design a custom apparatus that exceeded expectations.

Custom Emergency Vehicle for Volusia County

Check out more images of the Volusia County emergency vehicles on our website.

Last week, we finished manufacturing the four custom Patriot models for Volusia County Fire Services. The units are comprised of a 2011 Patriot module, a 2011 Spartan MetroStar chassis, and a Waterous CAFSystem™ (compressed air foam system). The units can carry 300 gallons of water and 30 gallons of foam, allowing Volusia County to provide fire suppression services. Additionally, there is a hose bed and large transverse compartment in the cab behind the driver and officer for extra fire and extrication equipment storage.

Inside the ambulance module, there are custom all-aluminum interior cabinets complete with Meganite countertops and rounded edge corners. The units also feature Braun’s well-known innovations including the VitalMax™ lighting system for shadowless light to aid in patient care, the EZ Glide™ sliding side entry door for enhanced crew safety, the MasterTech IV™ Electrical System, and the SolidBody™ Construction that makes our ambulances some of the lightest and strongest emergency vehicles on the road.

Everyone at Braun Industries was thrilled to see these custom emergency vehicles come together! They are awesome units and it was a pleasure working with the various organizations to develop them. Thanks to Volusia County for the challenge and opportunity to design such a great finished product!

Posted by Beth Hawks in Recent Deliveries on November 23, 2011

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