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March 07, 2016

Braun Industries is growing and improving, and as such, we’ve made a strategic investment to develop what we call our Braun Performance Excellence System. Overseen by Vice President of Quality, Dennis Gallo, the Braun Performance Excellence System is a framework for managing our manufacturing and business processes to build consistency and standardization. Our goal is to become THE premium ambulance manufacturer, and this system ensures everyone within our organization is aligned in support of that objective – yes, all 258 employees!

Under Dennis’s guidance, the system was developed in early 2015 and rolled out on June 1, 2015. Highlighting safety, quality, and delivery, the system relies heavily on documentation. By detailing each step of everything we do, we set clear guidelines and expectations on how things should be done. It helps identify where we have failures in meeting those standards, allowing us the opportunity to amend processes for a universal fix.

What are the Benefits to the Braun Performance Excellence System?

Internally, we believe this system helps us deliver the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. It forces us to standardize, getting everyone on the same page. When there’s an issue, we have a clear path for correcting it which translates to a better experience for our dealers and end customers. We understand that our custom ambulance units are not the least expensive in the market. However, we also understand they shouldn’t be because we’re delivering a premium ambulance. Every step in our manufacturing and business processes should reflect that first-class experience. Ultimately, this should generate leads and enable long term growth.

For our dealer network, we’re committed to increasing delivery times and improving the overall experience of working with us. An increased consistency in processes helps reduce variations from vehicle to vehicle, which in turn decreases warranty claim activity. This is a big pain point for our dealers, who are often the intermediary when an issue arises.

Most importantly are our end customers. The Braun Performance Excellence System means improvements in overall vehicle quality, consistency vehicle to vehicle, and vehicle uptime, as well as decreased vehicle operating costs. These are all critical factors for our users and we recognize that.

With a heavy focus on continuous improvement, the Braun Performance Excellence System continues to evolve. We have a method for breaking down each process in-house to track our performance. Daily, weekly, and monthly reviews are held at various levels within the organization to assess how we’re doing and where we need to make additional improvements.

How will we ensure the long-term success of the Braun Performance Excellence System?

  • We believe in investing in our people. We are committed to improving the initial and long term training of every Braun employee so they have the tools needed to succeed in their position.
  • Every work station is a chance for improvement. We look at each element of the manufacturing process to see where we can advance, believing each one is just as important as the next.
  • Improving the instructions for each manufacturing work station will help reduce errors and improve consistency.
  • A well-defined practice for continuous improvement will keep us evolving through constant self-evaluation.
  • Working closer with our suppliers, we hope to help them meet the rising performance expectations we have of them.

If you haven’t worked with Braun Industries to design and build an ambulance recently, we sincerely hope you will give us the opportunity to work with you in the future. We are eager to earn your business and the right to call ourselves THE premium ambulance manufacturer in the US. For more information on the Braun Performance Excellence System, or to get started on your next unit, give us a call at 877-344-9990.

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