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Beat The Heat In Your Ambulance!

July 02, 2014

With the summer heat in full effect, it’s important consider how you keep your patients and crew comfortable in your next ambulance. We have partnered with Hoseline to integrate the FT 454 air conditioning and heat system into our ambulance models.

View our video on the FT 454 Heating and AC System:

The FT-454 from Hoseline is the standard heating and air conditioning unit installed in Braun Chief XL and Super Chief models. With fan and temperature setting controls available on the attendant and driver Vista screen, this high capacity system has 50,000 BTU heating capacity and 30,000 BTU cooling capacity (when the 4x4 core is chosen). The powerful AC can cool your unit from 95 degrees to 78 degrees in 11 minutes, or 65 degrees in 30. It is a great system for hotter climates, when you need to cool patients and crew members quickly and safely.

12 volt specifications from the manufacturer:

  • 12 volt system
  • 30,000+ BTU A/C 2 ½ Ton
  • 26,00+ BTU HEAT ¾
  • Blower CFM 580 11 amps
  • Dimensions: 36” length, 16” height, 18” depth (includes fittings)

For more information on the heating and AC systems available in our emergency vehicles, contact us today at 877-344-990. Or, leave us a comment! 

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