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Braun Ambulances Expands with New Service Facility

August 02, 2014


In 2000, Braun Industries made a key investment in a state-of-the-art facility located in Vision Industrial Park in Van Wert, Ohio. When the initial building was completed, there were 76,000 square feet allocated to manufacturing and corporate offices. A short 6 years later, the facility was expanded to include an additional 38,000 square feet. This addition focused on increasing manufacturing space to enhance vehicle production capabilities and better serve increased demand.

The time has come once again for Braun to expand, and this time we have added a new, dedicated Service Facility to our ever-growing Braun Campus. Located across the street from our Manufacturing Plant and Corporate Offices, the new Service Facility was previously home to Life Star Rescue, Inc. When the ambulance dealership and remount company closed in June, the opportunity to purchase the facility and equipment was an obvious decision as it provides much needed room for service operations, as well as opening up vital production space previously occupied by the service operations in the main facility.

The new Service Facility is an impressive 49,500 square feet. There are multiple large service bays, and the production area includes:

  • 2 Paint Booths
  • Sanding Room
  • Vehicle Lifts
  • Metal Fabrication Equipment
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Stock Room

The addition of the Braun Service Facility will allow us to enhance our service center capabilities to include ambulance remounts and accident repairs. We are particularly excited to offer additional remounting capacity, as so many of our ambulances outlive their chassis and go on to serve their departments for many more years to come. In addition, our new facility will allow us to complete any and all possible repairs for your emergency vehicle.

We offer:

  • Body work
  • Paint
  • Accident Repair
  • Refurbishments
  • Remounts
  • Electrical Repair & Updating
  • Interior & Exterior Cosmetic Work

Everyone at Braun Industries is very excited about the new building, especially the management team.

We relentlessly seek growth and efficiency strategies that aid in our position as THE premium ambulance provider in the emergency vehicle industry-recognized for quality products focused on occupant safety.  In this instance, our investment in an additional facility will provide an immediate return in the growth of our new vehicle production capacity, as well as our service/remount capacity.  Our customers will experience reduced lead times and enhanced service capabilities, all while, increasing their overall experience with Braun. - Kim Braun, President/Owner 

Significant increase and growth of new vehicle orders has stretched our capacity limits in our main operating facility. Combine this with continued growth in our remounting and service operations, it has been apparent for some time now we need to expand our capacity to deliver more custom built units to our growing customer base, and also remount those units once the chassis have reached there end-of-life. We were saddened to see our longtime partner, Life Star Rescue, make the unfortunate decision to end their operations, but certainly valued their efforts in servicing emergency rescue vehicles all across this area. We look forward to working more closely with so many of our great customers by providing them exceptional service and a factory-direct remounting opportunity. Many of our customers are already aware of the value of the Braun Ambulance, which is Built For Life. The Lifetime Structural Warranty, SolidBody Construction, and ease of remountability, provide an unbeatable overall life-cycle investment. - Scott Braun, Executive Vice President/Owner 

We are very excited to be moving into our expanded service facility across the street from our production plant, and for the opportunities this creates for us to expand the service we provide. The additional square footage is great, and in addition we now have a dedicated paint and body shop and our own fully-equipped fabrication/weld area. This is truly a high point in my 30 year career in customer service and I am thrilled to be a part of it. - Jeff Holtzclaw, Service Manager

It is important to remember that while we have a new Service Facility, we also have an extended network for Authorized Service Centers across the country ready and waiting to serve you as your first point of contact. Conveniently located in your region, a local Braun Authorized Service Center will be able to address your preventive maintenance and repair needs, as well as other issues that might arise. Visit our website for a complete list of Authorized Service Centers by state.

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