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July 06, 2018

WHY SHOULD YOU CONSIDER A DEMO AMBULANCE_When a department makes the decision to buy an ambulance, they must take a lot of things into consideration. In addition to the features of the ambulance for sale, the department must also consider their budget and the safety of their crew and patients. Sometimes, a custom-built ambulance isn’t feasible financially, and a used ambulance for sale might have too many miles or be in poor condition, making the unit unsafe. Where can these departments find an ambulance for sale that has state-of-the-art features at a price that’s reasonable?

Demo ambulances offer a solution when you’re looking for an ambulance for sale that won’t break the bank or take too long to make. Demo units work to showcase the latest features in our ambulances and give people a feel for what they can expect in a Braun, but can be sold at any time. These units come with low mileage, a lower price point, and high standards. Some people are skeptical of purchasing a demo ambulance for sale because they think there’s a “catch” – why is the price lower? Why is this ambulance for sale already; shouldn’t there be updates to it before it’s sold?

With Braun, there is no catch. We offer a variety of demo units, providing you with an in-stock ambulance for sale that is top-notch and Built for Life. Our demo units feature some of the most innovative options, such as LiquidSpring Suspension, EZ O-2 tank lifts, and our MasterTech FleetConnect system. Our demo ambulances offer the same peace of mind that comes with any new ambulance for sale from Braun. If you want to check out a demo ambulance for sale, please contact us or your local Braun ambulance dealer today!                                       

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