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Government Officials Visit Braun Ambulances

January 12, 2015

This past week, we were honored to host a plant tour and visit with Ohio Senator Rob Portman, Ohio Representative Tony Burkley, Van Wert Mayor Don Farmer, and City Economic Development Directory Cindy Leis. The visit was part of Portman’s tour of northwest Ohio businesses, and he and the others spent one-on-one time with third generation co-owner Executive Vice President Scott Braun, as well as Executive Vice President for Operations Gary Kohls and Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing Chad Brown. Portman’s goal was to learn more about the Ohio based manufacturing company, and the direct impact certain federal regulations has on them.


As a manufacturer of custom emergency vehicles, Braun Industries is subject to various safety, healthcare, and emissions regulations, among others. One piece of legislation that is making a significant impact on our manufacturing process is the new CAFE standards, which stands for the Corporate Average Fuel Economy regulations. Read more about the CAFE here.


Adhering to the EPA’s 2017 CAFE standards might mean compromising the weight and material of our ambulances, but Braun’s executive team is currently considering various strategies for compliance. “We have to be able to find a common ground that works, said Scott Braun. “There is still a need for large, medium-duty ambulances.”

“To the [Environmental Protection Agency], some of this might make sense, but let’s slow it down,” followed Rob Portman. “Washington has a lot of well-meaning regulations, but they overdo it sometimes.” During the discussion, Braun’s executive team was also able to communicate their company’s needs regarding healthcare reform, environmental concerns, and training and grants.

“It’s been a great opportunity to get to know about one of our great manufacturers in Ohio,” Portman said about his visit. “They have a great track record. We’re very proud of them.” “I didn’t realize we had manufacturers in Ohio making this quality of ambulances,” he said. “I like their approach. … It’s more costly at the outset, but it pays off in the long run.”

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